Did you know that sitting on a soft cushioned sofa is not the best place to sit? While relaxing on your favorite melting place to watch a little TV or reading the newest novel, your muscles are also melting, right into your lower back! While it may seem nice at the time, all of your back muscles are not getting the support that they need and actually are contracting from the upper part of your back all the way to your lumbar region, maybe even into your Gluteal muscles, making them become tight and agitated. The best place to sit is on a harder surface, like a kitchen chair. Your back muscles will then have some support and wont get so constricted, leaving you with lower back pain.

Michele ( Shell) Hutchens
State license/certificate NC #9971
Certified Basic Xray
Certified Neuromuscular Therapist
Kinesiotaping #1,2,3
Orthopedic Therapy Research,
Member of American Massage Therapy Association

In early 2000, after enduring back pain, physical therapy, medications and in line for back surgery #2, I decided to try an alternative option to hopefully eliminate the pain and distress that I had been suffering for a long time. The pain was so staggering that I could hardly move, couldn't pick up my young daughter, and couldn't think of going through another back surgery. A friend of mine told me of a NeuroMuscular Therapist that relieved her from pain. At that point, I was willing to try anything before going under the knife, again. Long story short, after just a handful of sessions, I began to feel better and within a short time, I became pain free, I was a new person, free of pain. It was not a skeletal problem at all, but a muscular spasm that had me locked up so terribly long that there was no circulation, no nutrients and no oxygen going to my contracted muscles. My physicians first diagnosis was surgery, but thanks to my friend for making me aware of a noninvasive way of healing, I was pain free. Hence, I was thrown into a new way of thinking, an alternative medacine encompassing pain relief and preventative therapies. I went back to school, earning a 4.0 in my new found calling, and I am helping people that are experiencing pain and agonizing discomfort from unknown muscular disorders.